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Important Dates - Summer Camp 2023

Requests for Financial Assistance - May 1st


Full Payment Due - June 1st

Completed Online Health Form - June 9th*


Physician Authorization Form - June 9th*

*Failure to complete the online health form and/or Physician Authorization form by the due date of June 9th will result in a $50 fee due prior to admission to camp. Failure to complete these forms by July 1st will result in forfeiture of your camper’s position at camp without refund of fees paid.

Parent Handbook

Read the Parent Handbook (link below).  It contains information on the camp schedule, a packing list, transportation information,  the camp dress code, and other pertinent information. 

The Parent Handbook can be found here: 



Transportation: Parents are  are responsible for getting your camper to and from camp at the specified times (1-2pm Mon arrival & 11:30am Sat departure).   


We are not able to arrange transportation,. Please coordinate with other families in your parish or region to arrange carpool.


Acceptance of your Camper's Registration is contingent upon the total number of applicants and numbers needed to complete cabin groups. 

If we cannot accommodate your Camper this session, you will be notified and your deposit will be refunded.



If, for any reason, you need to cancel, please notify us as soon as possible. If you cancel before Jun 1st we will refund any fees received less the non-refundable deposit if another camper can fill your space. After Jun 1st, all fees become non-refundable.

If you register and are placed on the "wait list", your deposit will only become due if you are moved to "active". 

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